03 December 2010

New poll!

So the previous poll ended, and these were the results of it.

So most people think we should update more. 54% of voters said that. Well, yeah, we should. According to sellyme we'll be updating more throughout these Southern Hemisphere summer holidays. Hopefully we will!

36% of voters want more gadgets on the blog. Well, I'm not particularly sure what type of gadgets you'd like, so just tell us in the WhatPulse thread or whisper a Kongpulse writer and we'll see about it.

27% of voters voted for more useful links. Yeah, we shall try and improve that section of the blog.

3 people said we either can't improve or that they would tell us in the thread, well, I don't recall seeing those suggestions in the thread...

The new poll question simply asks who will win the Head to Head battles Finals of 2010. Well, vote for whoever you think will win! On 23 December we'll see who wins the Finals and we'll also see what percentage of blog readers got it right!

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