15 November 2011

2 years!

Wow, even though I've only been a writer for 3 months now, about 1/8th of the total blog existence, I have seen it grow and grow, gaining new members through the thread on Kongregate or just word of mouth. I have seen completely new members join the IRC chat, shy at first, fitting in like a reg after a few weeks. I smile every time I see a new eager face ready to type away, for the team. Like Selly said, this team would be nothing if it weren't for the typers at the bottom of the leaderboard, typing only a few million, but helping the team more than they could possibly know. A hundred people with a few million keys equals a few hundred million keys, is another way to put it.

So, to wrap up this small post, thank you loyal members of Kongpulse, for not stopping doing what you do best. And thank you Selly, for creating Kongpulse, bringing people, typists, together, to tap away in their own little corner of the world, rising the team high into the sky, and giving writers endless statistics to process, but they do it with a smile on their faces.

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