14 November 2011

Happy 2nd birthday, Kongpulse!

Today, just a few hours ago, Kongpulse turned two years old! I'm amazed that this blog has survived this long from just a small silly thing I started when I was 13, and I'm proud to have seen so many people enthusiastically subscribing to it, to have had more than 20 people ask to be a blog writer in the past two years, for the WhatPulse thread to have now reached nearly 11 THOUSAND posts, and the thing that has astounded me the most, for the team to be on 2 billion keys.

When this blog was started two years ago, the team had under 300,000,000 keys, only 97 members, and were ranked somewhere in the 180s. Since then we have grown to 480 people, 2,000,000,000 keys, and 15th place on the main team, another 1,000,000,000 keys and 137 users on the secondary team (now in 40th place), then ANOTHER 300,000,000 keys and 56 users on the Ninja Chat team. All of this, and we are still growing hugely. How hugely? Well, in the past year the only team to have typed more than us is the Dutch Power Cows. We've typed 85,000,000 keys more in the last 12 months than LueLinks, a team with 7 times as many people.

I remember looking at the top 25 and thinking "4 million keys? I'll never get on there :(". Now it's 16 million keys. We've upped the ante slightly. Not only this, but damn near everyone is active. Looking through the first four pages, 95% of you have pulsed this year. Now, even in 2009, just 16 months after the team's creation, at least half of the team hadn't pulsed in the previous year.

Perhaps more astoundingly, only two of the current top 25 were in the team when I joined (three if you count myself). Everyone else has, in less than two years, joined the team and typed their way up to a point where they are on the team's front page for everyone to see. But not only this, there's also hundreds of people at the 5 million key mark, or 2 million keys. These people have their stats buried 9 pages down. But do they care? No, they've just kept on typing, not worrying about the front page. And without them this team would be nothing. Having 3 users with over 50,000,000 keys means jack shit if there's no-one else.

The community support has been great. The three Kongregate teams combined have over 150 moderators and 3 admins, something that I never envisioned happening when I started this humble blog. The H2H is technically sponsored by Ducklette herself, and Hokage4354 (Kongregator of the Year 2009 and 2010 and owner of Kongregate Collective Guides), and while we probably don't mention that enough–or at all–it's still incredible to me to have achieved such recognition.

I'd just like to say thanks to every single one of you. Yes, you. Even if you're not on this team, by simply viewing this blog and racking up pageviews you are helping. Every time I look at the stats for this blog and realise that something I just decided to do on a whim as a child has become something that hundreds of people enjoy. Words can not describe my joy when H2H results are posted and I see a huge 200 view spike. Or when we come up with some new obscure statistic for you to enjoy and people post in the forum thread about how entertaining they thought it was. You have all made us what we are today, and for that I am eternally grateful.


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