15 November 2011

User of the Week #17: racefan12

How did you think of your username? And please don’t just copy-paste your profile -_-
Lol—well, it’s always good to know that people actually read my profile. Anyway, I’m a terribly uncreative person, so I never really put that much thought into a username. My username on a previous forum was simply my initials followed by a random 3-digit number, which I figured would just look dumb here. Anyway, I have been a fan of racing for most of my life, and 12 has been my favorite number ever since it was my jersey number on a Little League team.

Who is your biggest WhatPulse rival?
Hmm. Probably no one at the moment. It was moses78 at one point, but ever since we went our separate chatroom ways, I haven’t really paid too much attention to the rivalry. As I mention below, it’s not really about the competition for me—which is strange, because I’m normally a very competitive person.

What makes you awesome?
I don’t actually think I’m that awesome. I did manage to win my first forum game yesterday, bringing the total number of forum game winners to 100, so that’s pretty cool, I guess. I also have all the badges on Z-Rox, even the horribly difficult second hard badge.

What is your WhatPulse goal?
Just to have fun. I don’t type enough to be ranked highly in the team, so I don’t really pay attention to that. H2H and H3H are fun to be in, but I don’t care about my ranking in those, either. I’ve always been a numbers and statistics type of person, so simply monitoring my activity and seeing a bunch of cool data about it is enough for me.

What made you register on Whatpulse, and start counting those keys?
Well, I had been following the forum topic ever since its revival a couple of years ago, but I didn’t actually sign up until a few of my old friends from the League of Gamers chatroom (gatherer818, moses78, and Sir_Fratley) signed up together. Then, the battle was on.

Anything you’d like to say to the rest of the world while you have this chance?
Hello world!
Moving on from the cliché [ED: I LOVE YOU FOR SPELLING THAT CORRECTLY] department, I would just like to say that Kongregate and WhatPulse are two of the best websites in the world—and they are the only reason that I would still be awake at 1:45 AM the night before an 8:00 AM exam instead of getting some much needed sleep.
And finally, everyone needs to READ MY PROFILE!!!!

Who is best pony?
35kdog. Side note: I’ve never seen a second of My Little Pony, [ED: Don't worry, I'm doing my best to remedy this] and I’m the type of person who thinks that all new memes are dumb—until I end up subconsciously using them. Which is apparently similar to how people become bronies in the first place.
Oh wait… you said “pony”, not “brony”. /shrug Don’t know any ponies personally, and I don’t care to, either.

Who’s the best blog writer?
The one with the most updates, obviously. Selly. We always need more blog updates. Though I must admit, I was disappointed in the question selection. I didn’t even get any opportunities to make feeble attempts at humor while near the point of exhaustion!

[ED: He also used an em dash in the second to last question... Whee :D]

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