05 August 2012

Head to Head battles resuscitate from the dead

It is my honour to announce that we have encountered the Head to Head battles resuscitated from the dead. Since March this year, due to the founder's laziness, the competition had ever-decreasingly had traction.

However, the fourth season of the Head to Head battles may be upcoming due to a revival in the Kongregate @ WhatPulse thread on the Kongregate forums, we may have it be started off again. All it needs is for people to participate. So far we have the following:
  1. Jaume;
  2. Sellyme;
  3. VforVendetta;
  4. MaistlinRajere;
  5. S_98;
  6. Mysterymason;
  7. BookMasterJMV.

Seven people so far! With seven people we could already start a league, but let's leave it a few days so we can gain a larger amount of people.

Post in the thread, regardless of what team you're in, if you're keen to be in the H2H.