06 August 2012

Update of the upcoming reboots

Here is an update of the upcoming reboots—the Head to Head battles and the Interteam Battle.

Interteam Battle
In the Interteam Battle we still have the same four players, out of four required to get an Interteam Battle. We still have time until Saturday to get a couple of players. On the other hand, OMGPOP have not yet made a list of who's in it, but we can presume their founder is keen as. So so far, not confirmed, we have:

  1. Jaume.
  2. Sellyme.
  3. VforVendetta.
  4. MaistlinRajere

  1. Jonke.

Head to Head battles
For the H2H we have gained a couple of people who say they want to be in them, making the new list the following:
  1. Jaume.
  2. Sellyme.
  3. VforVendetta.
  4. MaistlinRajere.
  5. S_98.
  6. Mysterymason.
  7. BookMasterJMV.
  8. racefan12.

If you're eager to be in either or both, let us know in the Kongregate @ WhatPulse thread on Kongregate, or tweet us or facebook us!

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