11 August 2012

Last update of the Interteam Battle and H2H

So I forgot to add three people in the last update in the H2H, and since then omgpop has been able to gather one new teammate. In the end omgpop will only have four players as their leader says he was only to get four people.

The H2H will be starting at 7:30 AM UTC, although it'll take a couple of hours to get it on the blog. We will probably change the time of beginning the H2H someday as at that time our H2H writer Mysterymason tends to be asleep. The Interteam Battle, on the other hand, will begin at 9:00 AM UTC.

  1. Jaume.
  2. Sellyme.
  3. VforVendetta.
  4. MaistlinRajere.
  5. S_98.
  6. Mysterymason.
  7. BookMasterJMV.
  8. racefan12.
  9. ExplodingPonyToast.
  10. ajhgfa.
  11. MicroGamer15.
  12. Jonke.
  13. gta0004.
  14. Debron.
  15. SlateFx.
  16. aaaaaa123456789.
  17. Executioner1337.
  18. Triela.

Interteam Battle
  1. Jaume.
  2. Sellyme.
  3. VforVendetta.
  4. MaistlinRajere
  5. ExplodingPonyToast.


  1. Jonke.
  2. Oljons.
  3. Monalisa-Anne.
  4. Ultra Immunditia .

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