06 August 2012

We are now on your favourite social networks!

Kongpulse is now on your favourite social networks. By liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter you will not only get to know of the latest updates of the blog instantly, but you will be supporting our humble blog powered by our readers. The more people who check out Kongpulse, the more people in our WhatPulse team we shall have and the more people playing on Kongregate we shall have. Also, it is a way to get more people involved in our competitions, such as the Head to Head battles (or H2H).

The more out there Kongpulse is, the more posts, readers, events, and competitions there will be. So feel free to go ahead and give us a quick like or follow to support our blog. We are not asking for money, just a quick click of a button! Cheerio, and thanks for reading!

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