16 November 2009


Yes, I lied about the special post. I tend to do that a lot. Oh well, it's not as if anyone is actually reading this.

Unfortunately yet ANOTHER high ranking user has got it into their head that they don't want to be on the team. Either that or they haven't pulsed in 2 years. Okay, turns out Kaizerwolf left us for Newgrounds BBS. Newgrounds? Seriously? They have 12 users and 15 million keys, so it's pretty clear that Kong is better than them in every way :P Anyway, status report.

Users who have pulsed since last update:
LiveeEevil 32,189
IAmTheCandyman 167,223
notverygood 19,057
ploftkaploft 45,110
hokage4354 149,851
Keckers (N) 23,705
Ult_Mac_Dady 9,019,360
hiperson134 18,721
aenh 7,139,838
Nab =P 45,020,000
Dextro53 (N) 15,717
nadroj09 1,966,000
Feith 28,840
Aiglet1 59,344
HappyAlcoholic 123,838
dasmitimsad 580,000
x_Pyro_x 7,361,866
Sten123 1,670,892
sellyme 1,566,075
Sasms 709,525
Thysiazo 543,032
skeelful08 95,847
Axil20 77,067
Kyru 18,933,055
Cj10203040 1,043,738

Yes. 25 freaking users... That is starting to kill my hands :( And copy-pasting won't work :(

Anyway, props goes to the largest pulse of the day, a massive 1,968,212!!! Yes, you heard right. Nearly 2 million keys. It took Kyru roughly 3 months and 2 days to amass such a gigantic pulse, and that's at a mind-boggling 0.24 kps. How anyone can keep that up is beyond belief...

A Kongratulations is also in order for Nabb, who pulled off a 98,046 key pulse, putting him on exactly 45 million keys, before pulsing another 20k.

Anyway, team stats:
Name: Kongregate
Users: 104 (+3)
Keys: 294,731,391 (-8,148,355)
Clicks: 86,294,278 (-2,588,131)
Miles: 5880.2 (-44.46)
Position: 158 (-2)

 Yes, I'll admit that looks pretty depressing, but we get a few million keys every day now, so we should be back up there really soon. However, if we still had the 2 people that dumped us, we would have an astounding total of over 310m and be 152nd place. We'll get there soon though.

 Anyway, that's it for todays blog. Let's try to get the 1,200,000 needed to get up a place by my next blog. GO KONG!

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