23 November 2009


We broke 300,000,000 keys again.Woot! Anyway, it was CiF who broke the 300 million barrier, and up to position 156 as well. As that was clearly the largest pulse of the day at 1,517,945 keys, he gets the pulse cookie, position cookie AND a 300mil cookie. That changes our leaderboard to

CiF: 3
sellyme: 1
Kyru: 1
Rivian: 1
Sylicas: 1
kaluzaklein: 1
HappyAlcoholic: 1
GHEZ119: 1
Dextro53: 1

Yeah... soon that will be bigger than the daily pulsers... Anyway, I'm not going to do that for another 2 or so hours, this was just a quick note.

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