15 November 2009

Yes! 300m!!

Well, thanks to another 3-4 users joining the team because of the forum, we now have over 100 users AND over 300m keys. Woot! Anyway, some more stats.

Users who have pulsed since last update. (N) Means they have joined very recently. Look at all of them! We are looking good.
Username Keys
Moebert 12,034
kaluzaklein 1,149,047
Fushinryu (N) 10,462
bbxx 1,746,163
aenh 7,074,568
TatharNuar 23,000,001
Sasms 690,039
notverygood (N) 9,103
lycn191 (N) 14
Sten123 1,664,231
ploftkaploft 27,768
sellyme 1,489,030
dasmitimsad 565,000
GHEZ119 (N) 114,953
skeelful08 (N) 82,780
x_Pyro_x (N) 7,360,027
Malachi-Kong 150,396
HappAlcoholic (N) 89,520
Aiglet1 (N) 22,255
IAmTheCandyMan (N) 103,343
hokage4354 (N) 76,367

The biggest pulse in the last day goes to sellyme for his massive pulse of 77,000 keys. He also sent in 30,000 keys earlier that day, pushing over 100,000 keys in 24 hours! (Protip: Flash Flash Revolution does wonders for you keycount)

Our leader, Nabb, still hasn't got anymore keys, but we hear he has a 100k+ pulse coming.

Anyway, now for the team stats:

Name: Kongregate
Users: 101 (+4)
Keys: 302,879,746 (+7,960,327)
Clicks: 88,882,409 (+2,180,516)
Miles: 5924.66 (+132)
Position: 156 (+2)

A special post will be coming up in a few hours.

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