17 November 2009


Anyway, it's time for another post! Yay? Oh well, at least I'm getting 10k keys from this. Anyway, active users since last post (Only 19):

Feith 33,840
LiveeEevil 38,216
x_Pyro_x 7,366,339
sellyme 1,616,075
Sasms 750,608
Nab =P (F) 45,060,000
HappyAlcoholic 166,520
Rivian 19,358,754
Moebert 14,721
Aiglet1 83,866
Glomple (N) 4,281
Ult_Mac_Dady 9,029,360
hiperson134 30,329
hokage4354 169,953
Moony (N) 22,176
dasmitimsad 595,000
Keckers 52,626
IAmTheCandyman 211,637
notverygood 25,773

Well, that's it. As you can see we are staying consistent with around 20 a day, so we should do well now.

Now, I need to give a cookie to the largest pulse in the last day... Unfortunately that means I need to check out 19 profiles. So... here I go. *5 minutes later*Well, I got down to the last profile, and my 50k was still the biggest, then I see Rivian with 100k. And ZERO clicks... That is just freaky. Oh well. Anyway, a table:

sellyme: 1
x_Pyro_x: 1
Rivian: 1

Anyway, team stats now. Fortunately we gained quite a bit after our recent ill luck with users leaving. We aren't back up to 156th yet, but we are close.

Name: Kongregate
Users: 106 (+2)
Keys: 295,208,583 (+477,192)
Clicks: 86,375,917 (+81,639)
Miles: 5880.2 (+11.49)
Position: 158

Well, I think that's it for now. Anyway, we need 700k to move up a spot. I know Nabb is going to get at least 20k, I'm getting about 50k a day, and IATCM is getting around 50k too so... 120k from us three... The rest of you just need to remember to pulse and we're set XD

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