21 November 2009

Your mother was a smoker and your father smelt of Boomer vomit!

I rot in your general direction!

Anyway, time for an update. Over the weekend we should get about a million per day, which is good, but as today is only the start of the weekend, I'm guessing a few hundred thousand. Anyway, the 19 people who have pulsed:

nadroj09 1,996,000
Feith 84,970
sellyme 1,817,085
x_Pyro_x 7,408,064
Sasms 801,549
fmoly 28,284
Moebert 27,376
Nab =P (F) 45,246,471
Smookyolo :D 100,685
Keckers 127,996
hokage4354 279,516
Aiglet1 202,899
GHEZ119 210,890
notverygood 69,078
Ult_Mac_Dady 9,044,360
Moony 45,221
evilducks 122,668
aenh 7,234,512
dasmitimsad 660,000

This is getting less tedious daily somehow... Not that I'm complaining though... Anyway, the pulse of the day is GHEZ119 with 52,988 keys. And for the 4th time sellyme came second with 50,000 keys.

sellyme: 1
Kyru: 1
Rivian: 1
Sylicas: 1
kaluzaklein: 1
HappyAlcoholic: 1
GHEZ119: 1

Now for some team stats. Here goes:

Name: Kongregate
Users: 113
Keys: 297,670,463 (+461,635)
Clicks: 87,101,401 (+106,484)
Miles: 5958.27 (+21.25)
Position: 157

Bbxx had 150k keys but unfortunately had an invalid token and had to reset his key count...:(

Anyway, we are 1,300,000 away from #156 so we should be there by Monday.

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