15 July 2010

Head to Head battles: Week Sixteen

New H2H banner made by tetrismaster, a.k.a. gab rid. Thanks!

Week Fifteen's battles (8 - 15 July)
These are the results of last week's 5 battles.
Battle 60:
JaumeBG vs gab rid.
JaumeBG typed 77,000 keys and gab rid typed 100,032 keys.
gab rid won by 23,032 keys!

Battle 61:
notverygood vs sellyme.
notverygood typed 662,974 keys and sellyme typed 762,000 keys.
sellyme won by 99,026 keys!

Battle 62:
WiiPlayer113 vs Sheepie XD.
WiiPlayer113 typed 0 keys and Sheepie XD typed 0 keys.
There is a draw!

Battle 63:
Jazzaboy vs Inquizitor.
Jazzaboy typed 198,034 keys and Inquizitor typed 114,404 keys.
Jazzaboy won by 83,630 keys!

Battle 64:
VG vs Glomple.
VG typed 488,824 keys and Glomple typed 0 keys!
VG won by 488,824 keys!

Week Sixteen's battles (15 - 22 July)
These are the battles that will be played this week.
Battle 65:
Jazzaboy vs WiiPlayer113.

Battle 66:
JaumeBG vs Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Battle 67:
gab rid vs VG.

Battle 68:
Smookyolo :D vs notverygood.

Battle 69:
Glomple vs Cj10203040.

Battle 70:
sellyme vs Inquizitor.

Best Head to Head battlers
The list is too long! From now on this list of best H2H players will be on Fridays. So, tomorrow, this list will be in a separate blog entry!

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