21 July 2010

User of the Week #10: WiiPlayer113

This week's User of the Week, or UotW (pronounced "wot", "what", I guess), is WiiPlayer113!
Selly gave him the questions and WiiPlayer answered them, but I posted them because selly couldn't.

Question: How did you think up your name?
Which name? My Kongregate name or my WhatPulse name? Wait, they’re the same, because I am just that awesome. (For more information on my awesomeness, please turn your attention to the 3rd question). Anyways, my username derives from the videogame, the Nintendo Wii. I enjoy playing it. Therefore I am the Wii Player. Not a Wii Player, but THE Wii Player. The 113 is my birthday, November 3rd. (Now that you know this I am expecting gifts every year) Now you just push all of that stuff together and you get WiiPlayer113.

Q: Who do you think is your main opposition in the Whatpulse standings?
Probably sellyme. He is waaaaaaaaay far ahead of me, but eventually I shall catch up. I’m hoping opposition means something along the lines of “A person who you want to beat”. I googled opposition and it came up with something about planets.

Q: Why are you awesome?
I am awesome because my mommy tells me I am.

Q: What is your main WP goal?
My main WhatPulse goal is to be #1 on the Kongregate team. Duh. If your goal is to not be #1 then you need to STFU and GTFO. (That sounded kinda mean, I’m sorry) if I can’t get become #1 then I at least want to be part of the Top 25.

Q: Why and when did you join WP?
I joined WhatPulse on November 29th, 2009. I joined WhatPulse because I always like competitions, so I joined this. I knew in the future there would be Head to Head battles, I’m psychic. However, I did “quit” WP for a couple of months for no reason. BUT NOW I AM BACK AND AM READY TO KICK SOME (Censored)!

Q: Will you win selly’s tournament? (This will probably be redundant soon).
Yes. Next question pl0x.

Q: Any tips?
Completely deny your family and friends so you can get as many keys as you can by either playing video games or chatting on Kongregate. Also, I would compete in the competitions in the forums so you can get keys from playing the games over and over again to get a good score. (Also, it is fun competing).

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