17 July 2010

I made you a cookie!

Yes. Cookies are back! (Sort of). Okay, now this isn't a perfect system, but I'm giving you an advnatage, instead of starting you at zilch. Here's a guide.

For every point over 0 you have into the H2H battlers list you get a cookie.
For every "task" you complete, you get a cookie.
For everything else particularly awesome you do, you get a cookie.
Once you obtain a certain amount of cookies, you can request a favour from me. Or even make me publicly humiliate myself if you have enough cookies. There will even be things you can buy off of me (most of them virtual, but at 9001 cookies you can buy a Kong Badges Tee). More info will come on this later.

Anyway, here's how the cookie table stands now:

As of 28th March 2010, the cookie counts were as so.
Thus, the final count is as follows.
evilducks: 14 sellyme: 13 notverygood: 12 Cj10203040: 6 gab rid: 5 Mr. Bean: 4 Cryptosporidian: 4 Sinapi: 4 VG: 3
CiF: 3
Aiglet1: 3
Kralis: 1
Fushinryu: 1
TatharNuar: 1
tortao: 1
Sasms: 1
MyDreamName: 1
ChrisB5: 1
Kralis: 1
x_Pyro_x: 1
SicMirx: 1
Phoenix00017: 1
JaumeBG :): 1
AlisonClaire: 1
Kove: 1
Inquizitor: 1
Nab =P: 1 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: 1

With love, nvg. <3

(Oh wow, you actually combined them... Thanks, but I didn't want to do that, so as to get rid of inactive people... Oh well. I actually just wanted to do it that way because of laziness, so I guess it doesn't matter)

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