19 July 2010

Sellyme's semi-serious super special silly stats of special stuffs and similar stupendous simiad sendings! The Secondary Sequel of stupidity!

Milestones in the Last 24 Hours.

LazloZania passed 1,400,000
Laxaria passed 1,500,000
Matoking passed 1,900,000
Agent_86 passed 4,500,000
mvgreen54 passed 350,000
UltimateChaos passed 4,000,000
SirenSong passed 2,500,000
CaptainDDL passed 650,000
Holly764 passed 700,000
CryoSabre passed 500,000
king_matt passed 40,000
gordonst4 passed 50,000
CowFriend passed 150,000
PsychoFade passed 100,000
sadeith passed 40,000

Newest Users

Itz Drovoxx

Kongregate Versus The Rest
Because Blogspot is a total ass with images, you probably can't see much. The black line is us. We have been the best every day since it's been recording.

Largest Pulsers
Well, Free-DC has decided to be a douche and has reset all the cool stuff I has going to show you. So I have to do it by hand. Yesterday, according to the WP server, the best users on Kong were:

UltimateChaos (557,075)
SirenSong (449,667)
123aaa789 (106,246)
notverygood (78,311)
gab rid (49,653)
mupet0000 (44,044)
Agent_86 (41,076)

The weeks top pulsers are a different story altogether though.

ploftkaploft (2,669,196)
iamacow (1,127,098)
Cryptosporidian (1,082,356)
SecretofMana (610,689)
UltimateChaos (557,075)
notverygood (544,144)
SirenSong (449,667)

While the months best are yet again not very much almost exactly quite completely not unlike the same.

Mr. Bean (3,084,970)
ploftkaploft (2,669,196)
elitegundam (2,523,472)
notverygood (2,275,306)
Sinapi (1,713,832)
sellyme (1,574,686)
Ducklette (1,493,696)

(Note to self: Give cookies to all in weekly/monthly lists)]

Now, Free-DC stats only include about 1/4 of the Top 500 WP teams, so I can't exactly rely on their stats completely. For instance, where I'm 10655th in WP, it says I'm 2,333rs on Free-DC. However, I still want to share the stats of the Free-DC lists with you:

We have 2 users in the top 100.
We have 7 users in the top 1000.
We have 15 users in the top 2000.
We have 31 users in the top 3000.
We have 61 users in the top 5000.
Our 100th placed user is at 6558th.

It will be interesting to do this every week and see the changes. And now I've finished my uber-long blog post, I hope you enjoy all those stats!



    Is your team really dominating the others so much? Those stats have got to be skewed in your favor. Take the official stats from WhatPulse and prove to me that your stats are accurate. In addition, prove to me that some of your members aren't cheating. There's no way a bunch of basement-dwelling geeks who sit around playing Flash games type multitudes more keys than people who pour their lives into the art of literature.

    Emily Reese
    Fanfiction Enthusiasts Team Member and Professional Author

  2. Hatersgonnahate.png

  3. http://whatpulse.org/stats/teams/12986/

  4. @IPGngrmngr

    Hi. I'm sellyme, and I run this blog (and for all intents and purposes, the team). I'd just like to ask you to stop fucking bitching about us being better than you, and get over the fact that we passed your shitty little team.

    Here's some stats for you, from the official WHatPulse website (which are obviously skewed in our favour, because you can totally do that with stats.

    We have double your members.
    You have 40 or so active members. We have 200.
    It is near impossible to cheat WhatPulse, and if you do, you won't get away with it.

    Oh, and professional author my fucking ass. Look up "professional" in a dictionary. To be professional you must be paid a salary. You write fanfiction. Big difference. I've written fanfiction too, doesn't make me an author.

    I also like your comment about there being "no way flash gamers can type more than writers". You do realise that flash games generally require about 3 keypresses a second, and games like StepMania can go up to 30 keys a second write? Can you type 360 words a minute? If not, that's why our users get more keys than you. Oh, and for your information, I'm a nerd, not a geek, and you didn't need to say that anyway, as we all know we're smarter than you. Oh, and I live with my parent(s) like any other 14 year old (Don't even have a basement). If you want to make generalizations about gamers, I'll just say you're a whingy little 14 year old girl who writes crappy author insertions to fantasize about having sex with Edward from Twilight. Doesn't mean it's true (and I know that), but it's the exact same thing.

    Now, if you're so bitchy about getting beaten, why don't you actually try NOT to be beaten. Because I want to prove to you how we get so many keys, here's what we do:

    1.) Play key intensive games such as Remnants of Skystone, FlashFlashRevolution or StepMania.
    2.) Chat a lot. As in, 4 MSN convos, and Kongregate chat, alt tabbinbg between them for maximum keys.
    3.) Forum a lot. You'd be surprised how many keys a long forum post would get, and 50 of these a day from each user makes for a strong team.
    4.) Use keyboard shortcuts. Pretty self-explanatory. I now sometimes go ours on end without touching my mouse.

    Now, if you can't realise that accusing us of cheating actually does jack shit to how we're in front of you in the rankings, try getting more users in your team, and getting the old ones to start using WP again. Then you may stand a chance against us. And if you do manage to get in front of us again, we won't accuse you of cheating, or throw around stereotypes, as we aren't whiny self-conceited shits with hormonal problems.

    Oh, and calling us bastards in your first line, all in caps didn't help your cause.

  5. Heh, the funny thing is, that got me more keys than an average one of her fanfic chapters would :P