26 July 2010

Poll end!

This fortnights poll was "What position do you think the Kong team can reach?"

Here were the answers:

1st: 10 people: 45%
2nd: 2 people: 9%
3rd: 1 person: 4%
5th: 1 person: 4%
10th: 5 people: 22%
20th: 2 people: 9%
30th: No-one!: 0%
40th: 1 person: 4%

Wow, whoever voted for 40th must feel retarded considering we're now 39th. Anyway, I think we can realistically make 10th within a year, and we might max out at 7th, unless we start drafting people from other sites.

The new poll isn't coming tonight as I don't have any ideas. Feel free to submit suggestions!

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