23 July 2011

Head to Head battles League: Round 4

Round 3's battles (16–23 July)
So here are the results of last week's battles. Congratulations to Sindacious on winning battle 666. By the way, the predicitions for the Cup are now closed. So go check them out if you want, and good luck with your predictions!
Primera Division
Battle 649:
Jazzaboy vs Cj10203040.
Jazzaboy typed 62,147 keys and Cj10203040 typed 84,783 keys.
Cj10203040 wins by 22,636 keys!

Battle 650:
Live2Die vs tetrismaster.
Live2Die typed 0 keys and tetrismaster typed 0 keys.
First draw of the season of the Primera Division!

Battle 651:
PinkFloyd vs Yotoovimestari.
PinkFloyd typed 537,197 keys and Yotoovimestari typed 69,150 keys.
PinkFloyd wins by 468,047 keys!

Battle 652:
SilentSand vs Sellyme.
SilentSand typed 504,154 keys and Sellyme typed 1,299,000 keys.
Sellyme wins by 794,846 keys!

Battle 653:
hippyman27 vs 09Kisame09.
hippyman27 typed 0 keys and 09Kisame09 typed 400,000 keys.
09Kisame09 wins by 400,000 keys!

Battle 654:
Vegard20 vs WiiPlayer113.
Vegard20 typed 179,796 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 902,511 keys.
WiiPlayer113 wins by 722,715 keys!

Battle 655:
JaumeBG vs Carbon.
JaumeBG typed 225,699 keys and Carbon typed 87,983 keys.
JaumeBG wins by 137,716 keys!

Battle 656:
IAmTheCandyman vs aaaaaa123456789.
IAmTheCandyman typed 165,872 keys and aaaaaa123456789 typed 1,221,139 keys.
aaaaaa123456789 wins by 1,055,267 keys!

Battle 657:
Badgy_McBadger vs Inquisitor911 .
Badgy_McBadger typed 170,261 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 57,791 keys.
Badgy_McBadger wins by 112,470 keys!

Segunda Division
Battle 658:
BlackBone vs Glomple.
BlackBone typed 83,982 keys and Glomple typed 0 keys.
BlackBone wins by 83,982 keys!

Battle 659:
Mysterymason vs oOTrentOo.
Mysterymason typed 56,813 keys and oOTrentOo typed 83,043 keys.
oOTrentOo wins by 26,230 keys!

Battle 660:
MicroGamer15 vs X-Kal .
MicroGamer15 typed 156,158 keys and X-Kal typed 320,429 keus.
X-Kal wins by 164,271 keys!

Battle 661:
michael222 vs wasted .
michael222 typed 30,000 keys and wasted typed 14,461 keys.
michael222 wins by 15,539 keys!

Battle 662:
SlateFx vs MelbourneBoy.
SlateFx typed 0 keys and MelbourneBoy typed 0 keys.
It's a draw!

Battle 663:
gta0004 vs ouchjars.
gta0004 typed 89,955 keys and ouchjars typed 0 keys.
gta0004 wins by 89,955 keys!

Battle 664:
hilaryam89 vs racefan12.
hilaryam89 typed 113,085 keys and racefan12 typed 24,754 keys.
hilaryam89 wins by 88,331 keys!

Battle 665:
iGark vs RoSi_xD.
iGark typed 167,315 keys and RoSi_xD typed 61,367 keys.
iGark wins by 105,948 keys!

Battle 666:
Kranix vs Sindacious .
Kranix typed 97,425 keys and Sindacious typed 283,358 keys.
Sindacious wins by 185,933 keys!

Battle 667:
elsx vs Darkir.
elsx typed 234,281 keys and Darkir typed 120,000 keys.
elsx wins by 114,281 keys!


Round 4's battles (23–30 July)
Here are the battles for Round 4! Don't forget to check out the Official WhatPulse channel with weekly videos of everything WhatPulse-related!
Primera Division
Battle 668:
Yotoovimestari vs 09Kisame09.

Battle 669:
Inquisitor911 vs Sellyme.

Battle 670:
JaumeBG vs Jazzaboy.

Battle 671:
Cj10203040 vs SilentSand.

Battle 672:
Carbon vs tetrismaster.

Battle 673:
hippyman27 vs Live2Die.

Battle 674:
IAmTheCandyman vs PinkFloyd.

Battle 675:
Badgy_McBadger vs Vegard20.

Battle 676:
WiiPlayer113 vs aaaaaa123456789.

Segunda Division
Battle 677:
SlateFx vs EliwoodX.

Battle 678:
Darkir vs wasted .

Battle 679:
X-Kal vs BlackBone.

Battle 680:
elsx vs RoSi_xD.

Battle 681:
MicroGamer15 vs Mysterymason.

Battle 682:
michael222 vs ouchjars.

Battle 683:
iGark vs racefan12.

Battle 684:
hilaryam89 vs Kranix.

Battle 685:
gta0004 vs oOTrentOo.

Battle 686:
Glomple vs Sindacious .


League standings (23 July)
Here are the league standings for this week. As you can see Cj10203040 still is on a roll as he's still there with 9 points. In the Segunda Division it stays more or less the same on the top, with X-Kal still domintating.
Primera Division

Segunda Division

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