20 July 2011

New poll! Geek window skins: What is yours?

I guess it's time to finally remove the two polls we've had up there for about two months and add a new one. But first, the results!

First, we asked you which of the two below images (Slater's Kongpulse logo, and the Kongregate banned) should be the new Kongpulse banner.
We were met with these results:
  1. The Kongpulse logo: 37 votes (67%)
  2. The Kongregate logo: 14 votes (25%)
  3. I'm an illiterate fuck*: 4 votes (7%)
*May be paraphrasing.

And secondly, we asked if you played Minecraft! Here were the answers:
  1. Yes: 18 votes (51%)
  2. No: 8 votes (22%)
  3. What's that?: 3 votes (17%)
  4. I'm even more of a fucktard than that last guy*: 6 votes (17%)
*May also be paraphrasing.

And now we have a new poll! What's your Geek Window skin? Here's your options, just vote on the right of your screen!
  1. Default (Blue for Windows, Grey for Linux/OS X)
  2. Blue (Non-default)
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Yellow/Orange
  6. Pink/Purple
  7. Aqua/Teal
  8. Black/Grey/Gray
  9. I hacked it to an image
  10. You can change colour?!

Don't forget to vote!

(Holy shit, Selly made a post not about Country in Team stats)

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