20 July 2011

Kongpulse: Notice anything different?

On a more meta note, I've been making some aesthetic changes to Kongpulse in the last few days. You may have noticed that the blog is much wider now (By 120 pixels). Because Google's blog designer is shit, I've had to edit the HTML, the body is now 1100 pixels wide (instead of 1000) and the sidebar is 260 pixels (instead of 220). If you have a screen smaller than 1368 pixels in width, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and am working on a low-resolution version of the blog. This improvement means that our images will actually fit in the post body! Yay!

I also got rid of the default ugly "B" favicon, and replaced it with the Kongregate favicon (Not exactly though, I resized it slightly to distinguish it from Kong's). If any graphics designers out there (Or even someone with a copy of MSPaint, it's a 10x10 pixel image, not that difficult to make) want to design a better logo for us, it'd be much appreciated!

I've also updated and fixed some of the widgets on the side of the blog, removed the annoying whosamong.us pop-up, and generally improved the HTML behind the blog so it should run much faster now. Hope you enjoy!

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