03 March 2010

The cookies.

Okay. I'm going to start 3 cookies contests.

1. If you have spare time on the internet, and like doing seemingly pointless things, whisper me. This prize offers 5 cookies.

2. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1000. Whisper me (sellyme) on Kongregate with the number you think it is. Closest person to the number wins, but if you go over the number, you "Bust". This prize offers 3 cookies.

3. Beat my score at Pel. You must provide a screenshot of the end screen and high score. My high is around 18,000,000. This prize offers 10 cookies.

Now, the actual cookie count.

evilducks: 14
sellyme: 4
CiF: 3
Aiglet1: 3
Kralis: 1
WiiPlayer113: 1
Sinapi: 1
Fushinryu: 1
TatharNuar: 1
tortao: 1
Sasms: 1
MyDreamName: 1
Cryptosporidian: 1
ChrisB5: 1
Kralis: 1

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