25 March 2010

Head to Head. Yes, sexual jokes galore.

Here is the first draw of matches. (Yes, some were chosen randomly, don't argue :P)

sellyme vs. the_squall/squall7775

notverygood vs. HappyAlcoholic

JaumeBG vs. Sinapi

DarkRuler2005/Mr. Bean vs. Nab :P/Nabb

Yeah, that last one will be a ripper. So, here are the current standings.

Sellyme: 4,643,386
the_squall: 5,164,236

notverygood: 2,067,519
HappyAlcoholic: 3,969,196

Sinapi: 5,202,703
JaumeBG: 1,103,479

DarkRuler2005: 49,792,158
Nabb: 48,858,403

Ready... Set... TYPE!


  1. I'm against Sinapi, yay! He/she hasn't pulsed since a long time ago and hopefully SInapi won't pulse this week...

  2. Lol... Sinapi has 1,350,000 keys stored though :P And it's a she.