24 March 2010

Team Stats Mar 24 2010

63. Gamerz-Planet These 114 Gamerz, after developing their own planet, have pressed 652,633,973 keys. These elite gamerz make up 0.17% of all WP keys.
64. Cyberscore These cyberscorers (o_O) are 119 in number, and have scored 633,377,798 keys for their team. Despite claiming to NOT be a dating service, they hold 0.17% of all members.
65. Nipponsei These.... nipponers have silenced the nay-sayers and contributed 615,301,359 keys. The 99 sparse members represent 0.16% of the WP typing.
66. Kongregate These marvellously grand gamers are 254 in number, and have gamed (or chatted) their way to a total of 614,742,430 keys. These grand Kongregators are accountable for 0.16% of all the keyspam we call WP.
67. Tlen.pl are mainly a proud bunch of Polish, and have given to us 607,632,363 Polish keys. These 126 Polish make up 0.16% of keys in the WP project.
68. Lusternia These 85... people have lusted their way through 604,636,312 keys. They make up (perhaps literally) 0.16% of the "Whatpulse Quantum"
69. L33TSig These people have L33TSig'd their way to a grand total of 602,218,915 keys. These 197 Siggers make up 0.16% of all keys.

Kongregate has over taken two teams this week, and now sit at 66th. Go team!

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