11 March 2010

User of the Week #3: DarkRuler2005/Mr.Bean

Q: How did you think up your name?

A: I didn’t, frankly enough. I could make up this story about how I measured the dark as being exactly 20.05 centimeters long, or I could make up a story on how I am a dark measurer and was born in 2005, or I could make up a story the devil made me do it, but probably the most unbelievable story of all time is that basically my friend randomly selected this for me.
Q: How do you consistently pulse pulses between 500k and 2mil without the urge to press the little “W”?

 A: Honestly? I pulse when I accidentally click the W icon. Well, no, not really, I don’t have a pattern, it’s really just random. I feel no urge to pulssse. My preciousss. clicks

Q: What does it feel like to be team #1?

 A: Disastrous. Nobody to pass, nobody to own, I’ve set up a fictive person first in our team with 1 trillion keystrokes so that my motivation stays strong.

Q: Why are you awesome?

A: As a scientist, I will have to disagree with that research question. You are implicitly assuming that I am, in fact, awesome. No research in this area has ever been conducted, because my awesomeness is difficult to define and quantify. You will therefore have to start such a research first before starting this one.

Q: Apart from you, who do you think is the best Kong WP user?

 A: My girlfriend, and no, I won’t give you her number.

Q: What is your main WP goal?

 A: None, really. It will be fun to work towards getting first of the whole site, but since there are people literally getting 200k a day, every day, I doubt that will ever happen. Being high up the rankings is already good enough for me.

Q: Why and when did you join WP?

 A: Mr. Bean has been a participant since 2006-11-29 (42 months ago), and in that time has typed 49,792,158 keys, clicked 9,553,663 times and moved his or her mouse for 477.89 miles. I joined because they asked me to on another site. Fun times when I had a lot of people to compete with.

Q: Why did you eventually join the Kongregate team, and where were you originally?

 A: I was originally in the DotAPortal team. It’s the team from the site I originally was pushed to join by. I was very active on that site, but I switched to this one over a long period of time. Eventually, I found they had a team on Kongregate too, and since I’m pretty much inactive on DotAPortal, I decided to join this one. (AKA: You gave me a cookie.)

Q: Any tips?

A: Grab the laser barrel, handy hand grenades and shoes of epic shoelaceness, then enter the “wut” level. Dodge all incoming parrots and carrots to finally face the boss, the super duper cheese of hell. Combine the three items you took with you and… What?


  1. Wow, I didn't know that Mr. Bean in our WP team was Darkruler2005. O_o

  2. You learn something new every day. Isn't it fitting that the highest ranking people in our team are moderators and/or highly known and respected Kong users?