19 September 2010

Blog Stats: The Sequel

We broke 100 views for the first time since I created the tracker, so time for some celebratory blog stats!

So, as you can see, not only are our updates getting a crapload of pageviews now (60 for just one update, in just the last month o.0), but we're getting more across the board. And on the pageviews graph, you can easily see the weekend spikes. I want to level that out, and get 100 views every day, across the week, so I'm going to put up an update EVERY DAY no exceptions from now on.* Yay!

(This guarantee is not an actual guarantee)


  1. Five views today! Is that a monthly record low? :(

  2. 60 views on my interview. I'm so popular. ;)

    (Note this is Jazza. Can't be bothered signing in.)

  3. Over a year late response is over a year late.

    Jaume, I posted this about 72 minutes after Blogger reset its daily counter, that 5 views is from just 72 minutes.