24 September 2010

WhatPulse guides: How to change your country

We've all seen those people whose country nationaity on WhatPulse is "Unknown". We all kind of dislike them, don't we...? If you're one of them, I'll just point out that you're not being very patriotic and the flag of Unknown isn't really that nice, so what's the point?

If you're on Unknown because you don't know how to change your country's flag, here is a guide how to you can do that.

How to change country

1. Obvious steps: switch on your computer, connect to the internet, open up your browser, go to whatpulse.org and log in if you aren't logged in already

2. Go to My WhatPulse

3. Go to My Profile

4. Scroll down to "Country"

5. Select the country you're from or another country if you prefer

6. Scroll down and click "Submit Changes"

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