18 September 2010

Tet's Team Stats

35th: Tip.it Pulser's 274 members have pulsed a total of 1,050,433,813 keys. To pass them out, 42 million is needed.

36th: devPULSE have managed to get a 600,000 key improvement since last time, bringing their total to 1,038,000,296 keys. and 30 million ahead of us.

37th: Kongregate are rising rapidly with a massive 1,008,209,304 keys, bettering their previous tally by nearly 16 million, in just 6 days from our 366 kongregators. That was quadruple what was needed to pull in front of:

38th: ElOtroLado.net with 997,165,346 keys, they have pulsed just under 1 million again, keeping their weekly consistency.

39th: Burger-Ping is the highest placed team with less than 100 members (75 to be exact), with a grand total of 973,609,914 keys.

My stats are a bit blander than the usual team stats, but, see below

Correct as of date of release, all complaints are to be sent to me, to be ignored ASAP :P
BTW, you need glasses to read this

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