07 September 2010

A Plea to Kongpulse Viewers

If you have Firefox (Like our demographic stats show 54% of you do) and use Ad-Block+, the Kongpulse writers plea you to add an exception to the rules so ads appear on this blog! The only ads on here are small text ads, and banner picture ads in between posts, and as it's only Google Ads, none of those annoying, bandwidth comsuming Flash ads appear on here. If you have Ad-Sense unblocked, an average of one cent a day goes to the writers, at no expense of yours. Now this may not sound like much, but with the amount of readers of this blog, if everyone adds this site as an exception to Ad-Block that will all count up.

And don't forget those bits of Kong Merch I mentioned a long time ago!!

(Also: We're at $29 Australian dollars so far. Thanks all!)


  1. I don't use adblock+. I like to help the developers/makers. :P

    ~ Jazza

  2. I didn't think adsense paid for ad impressions. What's the pay rate?

  3. I've never used ad-blocks (go me), so be happy for that at least. Have you posted about this in the thread on Kongregate (I'm not a constant viewer, I may have missed it), it would be more effective there too.

  4. No, I haven't posted it in the thread, because anyone who doesn't check this blog isn't looking at the ads >.<