18 September 2010

User of the Week #13: Tetrismaster!

Q: How did you think up your name?

A: Which one? :P (this will be very long)

gab rid – It started in school, and I was being called newb, by some n00bs, cause they played runescape and were past lvl 3, the runescape newb level. So I decided to start an account on there and beat them at their own game, but big problem, I couldn’t think of any names that were not already taken. I tried loads of different ones, but to no avail. At the time, I had a phrase of the week challenge, and that weeks phrase was “good riddance.” Now,usually when I’m on the computer there was/is homework on the desk, waiting to be finished. I had the word “gob” on the page, and I tried that. Didn’t work.
I then had the idea of my phrase and tried a lot of combos before I ended up on gab (gob misspelled) rid (riddance). It worked and I beat them :)

tetrismaster – This one started back with when I used to like digimon :P
I saw an ad for their website and wanted to see it. I was naturally drawn to the games section, and there was a tetris game. I set the 4th all time score for the game, but then found out that you had to register to submit scores. The first thing I could think of it that I am the best at tetris (one the site), so I am the tetrismaster! (powerz activate)
I entered that, and it wasn’t taken, so I went on to score the second highest in that game. That is how I found the interwebz.

Q: Who is your main opponent in the WP standings?

A: I have no opposition, for no one is as mighty as I. Or 123, but he is going pretty fast away from me.

Q: Why are you awesome?

A: Its in the name :P

Q: What is your main WP goal?
A: To have more keys than A big enough team so I can laugh at them for being puny.

Q: When and why did you join WhatPulse?

A: I joined whatpulse when I found it on cyberscore. There was a link on the frontpage (they have since revamped it) and I was bored. I downloaded it and set up my account with the same name as my cyberscore. I joined the team, but they weren’t very active, and I was playing my ds more than the computer, so I didn’t rack up many keys. I then quit the team, and was looking for a new, active team. I scrolled through the list, and found kongregate, which I already had an account on at the time. It was password protected, so I googled “kongregate whatpulse password” and found the thread. My first post on the kong forums was here. :)

Q: Are you enjoying writing for Kongpulse?

A: Yes, I am. The blog editing (font, size, html) is a pain though, isn’t it? :P

Q: The cake.

A: Is mine.

Q: Any tips?

A: Games like tower of greed, crunchball 3000 and fancypants (152 timetrial record. Beat it) are good for keys, as you don’t remember pressing them that much, and are fun.

inb4tl:dr :P

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  1. Nice interview! Interesting facts and history of Tetris!