17 September 2010

Personal Stats!

The lucky 5 to get Personal Stats this month are notverygood, eksnow, 123aaa789, Inquizitor and racefan12. JaumeBG also gets free stats for being a blog writer.

There's a graph of the 6 users keys in comparison to each other.

However the clicks show a different story...

That's in the same order, for a sense of perspective. But on a more individual basis, I have these mIRC stats for each user.
That's for notverygood.

That's for eksnow
That's 123aaa789's stats.
Inquizitors Stats there.
That's racefan12's.
And of course JaumeBG's.

Now since Blogspot is getting pissy with this giant post, I will make another one of these, with different (and more random) stats tomorrow.

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