03 September 2010

September poll

So, from now on, as we're not really that good at thinking poll questions, we shall have one poll a month, this is kind of good, as we'll get more answers; the results will be more precise and stuff.

In August, we asked:
What team should we challenge to an Interteam Battle?

  1. 2 people, 9% of the voters, said we should challenge the Dutch Power Cows, the team with most keys, members, clicks and miles of the whole WhatPulse world.

  2. 3 people, 13% of the voters, said we should challenge Ninja Chat United, the second team created by Kongregate fans.

  3. 10 people, 45% of voters, said we should challenge Kongregate Elite, the fourth Kongregate fan team, created in August.

  4. 3 people, 13% of voters, said we should challenge Fanfiction Enthusiasts, the team whose leader hasn't sent me a reply saying if they'd like to be in such a battle or not (I sent them a message, got no reply. I don't know why selly put this as an option...).

  5. 4 people, 18% of voters, think this whole Interteam Battle concept is a stupid idea.

In total, 22 people voted in the poll.

Thanks for voting and, if you want, vote in the next poll!

What do you like about this blog?

It's a multiple answer question, so you can tick more than one answer if you want.

  • The frequency of blog updates.
  • The statistics.
  • Its writers.
  • Those applications at the bottom of the blog.
  • Uhmm, I don't even know why I'm here...

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