11 September 2010

Team Stats (11th September)

Well, considering our team has jumped about 22,000,000 keys, I think refreshing our minds on this will be a good idea.

36th: devPULSE has pulsed a total of 1,037,389,371 keys from only 193 members.
37th: ElOtroLado.net has pulsed a total of 996,337,900 keys from 278 members. That's 1,026,555 keys in the last week!
38th: Kongregate has pulsed an amazing 992,294,529 keys from 366 members. That's an outstanding 22,160,622 keys since last week, and a 2.23% weekly increase! We've also managed to grab hold of 3 new members, which puts our keys per member at 2,711,187 keys! We're only 4,043,371 keys away from ElOtroLado.net and 37th place.
39th: Burger-Ping has pulsed a total of 972,758,337 keys, from just 75 members. That's a measly 510,957 keys since the last update.
40th: Fanfiction Enthusiasts have pulsed a total of 960,798,642 keys from 201 members. That's 3,375,216 keys in the last 7 days.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Kongregate had an impressive 36.6 keys per second average last week. At the current rates, we will take 37th place in just under 3 weeks.