24 September 2010

Head to Head battles: Week Twenty-six

New banner today! That makes it four banners. :D

Week Twenty-five's battles (17 - 24 September)
Last week we had five battles, here is the conclusion of these battles.
Battle 115:
gta0004 vs gab rid.
gta0004 typed 75,661 keys and gab rid typed 70,000 keys.
gta0004 won by 5,661 keys!

Battle 116:
viper11475 vs Jaume.
viper11475 typed 0 keys and Jaume typed 114,000 keys.
Jaume won by 114,000 keys!

Battle 117:
Inquizitor vs Jazzaboy.
Inquizitor typed 137,000 keys and Jazzaboy typed 50,142 keys.
Inquizitor won by 86,858 keys!

Battle 118:
WiiPlayer113 vs sellyme.
WiiPlayer113 typed 386,376 keys and sellyme typed 367,000 keys.
WiiPlayer113 won by 19,376 keys!

Battle 119:
Cj10203040 vs Sheepie XD.
Cj10203040 typed 87,500 keys and Sheepie XD typed 15,166 keys.
Cj10203040 won by 72,334 keys!
Note about this battle (place mouse here to read it).

Week Twenty-six's battles (24 September - 1 October)
This week you shall have six battles in which we shall find the champions and the losers in one week!
Battle 120:
gta0004 vs Sheepie XD.

Battle 121:
gab rid vs sellyme.

Battle 122:
Jazzaboy vs Cj10203040.

Battle 123:
Inquizitor vs Jaume.

Battle 124:
viper11475 vs MikeChilds.

Battle 125:
racefan12 vs WiiPlayer113.

Also, here's a graph (click on it to see it full size!) to end this blog update:

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