28 September 2010

Tetrismaster's Third Team Stats

In the 2 days, since I did this last, (you will notice I'm copying this a bit from last time :P) there have been some slight changes to the totals, but nobody has changed ranks.

33rd: 9Lives Forum have 1,094,525,150 keys, which is only 465,904 keys more than last time. We'll catch up shortly :)

34th: Deltaanime 1,082,020,248 keys from the 105 members. An improvement of 194,102 in 2 days

35th: Kongregate has dropped this time, with a fall from 1,065,219,988 to 1,060,338,723 keys. That's 4,881,265 keys less.

36th: Tip.it Pulsers with 1,054,345,852 keys they are still chugging away. Slowly.

37th: devPULSE have managed another 685,223 keys to bring their total to 1,039,384,514 keys. A fairly consistent growth.

*All values and numbers outlined here are subject to change, and may become inaccurate less than 3 seconds after this is posted.*

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