18 September 2010

What is the H2H?

The Head-to-Head Explained:

The Head to Head, or H2H, is a battle between two users, who compete for glory, honour and to get points on the best head to head battler chart.
They begin every thursday night/friday and last a week. Sign-ups are usually on wednesday, but late sign-ups are welcome as long as they are before the blog update. You can sign up by:
  1. posting in the whatpulse thread (this one)
  2. shouting or whispering Jaume BG, sellyme or me
NOTE: before competing a person must pulse, within 24 hours of the competition starting

To compete all you have to do is type a lot and pulse those keys. (whatpulse is required, see the first page of the whatpulse thread) At the end of each H2H week (friday-ish) the pulses of each user are added up and a winner is declared. The winner is the person who pulses the most keys during the period.

If you only pulse once a month, and/or don’t want to be pulsing small amounts each week, there is a second, less used option.
If you supply a screenshot of your geek window beside a world clock at the start and end of the H2H week, that will be accepted.
See example below;


(pics provided by sinapi)

The winner gets 1 point on the Best Head to Head battlers chart, which can be found the next day on the blog, and the glory of beating another kong/whatpulse user. (and a lot more keys a week, yay motivation)

The Head to Heads are run by JaumeBG, and was originally created by sellyme, as a motivator for getting loads of keys and this has helped get team kongregate into the top 50 (currently 37th)

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  1. Good work, tetris! It explains the basics of teh Head to Head battles, nice!