24 September 2010

User of the Week #14: videogames518

This week, I interviewed: videogames518!

How did you think of your name?

videogames518 was fairly simple actually. I love to play video games, which explains the videogames part of my name and the 518 is my birthday.
A few years ago, while in chat, some people were calling me VG for short, and I soon took a liking to it, which is why I like to use VG.
(EDITOR NOTE: it's mm/dd, it’s the American way)

Who is your biggest WhatPulse rival?

I consider my biggest rival in WP to be Selly since he’s the only one that I know of that can pulse a huge amount in a short amount of time.
If there are others, I forget who they are.

What make you awesome?

I’m not sure really, if I were to guess, I would think that its cause I can do pretty well in games that I play, no matter what the game is, as long as it’s not a type of game I really hate. I’m sure a lot of people have seen my game skills through the Kongregate tournaments I’ve been in.

What will be your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement. That’s a tough one to answer. Uhhhh…… I guess reaching the level cap on Kongregate, which right now is level 65. I would say get all the badges, but I’m not interested in going after some of them.

And for Whatpulse?

My WP goal is still 10 million keys (you’re a third of the way there :P)
I kinda lost interest in WP for now, so I’m not even trying.

What made you register on Whatpulse, and start counting those keys?

I was looking through the thread several times through-out the months and eventually I decided to be a part of it, so I made a WP account and started key counting. But like I said in the last question, I kinda lost interest, so I’m not trying.

Any tips for people not as awesome as you?

Practice makes anyone better. If anyone is bad at something, just keep practicing until improvement is made. If someone still sucks at something even after a lot of practice, then it’s time to find something else to be good at.

Last question, which one is the girlier, beiber or gaga?

I don’t watch or listen to either of them. Hell to tell ya the truth, I don’t really know who they are and don’t want to know.

Thanks for the interview, did you enjoy it?

It was interesting; I had to really think on some of them.

 If you would like to be interviewed, post in the whatpulse thread or pm selly, jaume or me

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