04 September 2010

Team Stats (4 Sep)

These are our team's (and teams nearby's) stats as of today. Good work, everyone on our team!

37th: ElOtroLado.net: This mostly Spanish team has 995,311,345 keys from 278 members.

38th: Burger-Ping: Burger King Burger-Ping has only 75 members, but they've manage to press 972,247,380 keys.

39th: Kongregate: Our team has 363 members who've pulsed over 9,000 keys, to be precise, 970,134,907 keys. We've pressed 10,970,792 keys since last Friday, which is a 1.01% increase! We've lost 2 members since 27 August. The average keys pressed per member is 2,672,547.95 keys. We're only 2,112,473 keys away from Burger-Ping!

40th: Fanfiction Enthusiasts: These book lovers have 957,423,426 keys from 201 members.

41st: Lowyat.Net: 141 members in this team, who have managed to press 921,871,050 keys.

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