04 September 2010

We need more participants for the Interteam Battles

We had the idea of Interteam Battles a few weeks ago, unluckily, we can't have Interteam Battles if we don't have five people who'd like to be in them. We expected them to be popular and to have many participants, seems like it isn't as popular as we expected.

We'll be versing Kongregate Elite who've got a team of five already. We need two more participants who'd like to be in an Interteam Battle in order for it to start. If you'd like to give it a go, and type the most you can in a week in order to beat them, just comment here, whisper me or say so in the WhatPulse thread.

These are our participants so far:
1. JaumeBG
2. sellyme
3. tetrismaster
4. racefan12

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