24 September 2010

The Team Stats by Tet 2

In the 5 days since I last did this, there has been some changes in the leaderboard...

33rd: 9Lives Forum have 1,094,059,221 keys, which is only 28,839,233 ahead of us. We'll catch up soon :)

34th: Deltaanime 1,081,826,146 keys from the 105 members. A bare 16,606,158 is between us.

35th: Kongregate has raised the bar again, with a jump from 1,008,209,304 to 1,065,219,988 keys. That's 57,010,684 keys more, though only 11,824,549 keys were pulsed recently, as 45 million came from our newest big member, who is now, also our oldest, with 80 months of whatpulsing.

36th: Tip.it Pulsers with 1,053,263,680 keys they have pulsed a stable 2.8 million keys in the last few days, but we still flew passed them.

37th: devPULSE have managed another 694,000 keys to bring their total to 1,038,699,291 keys since last time, and have dropped a place too.

*All values and numbers outlined here are subject to change, and may become inaccurate less than 3 seconds after this is posted.*

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